LADIES: Want to be free of the relentless health symptoms that are keeping you from living a bomb-ass life?

Address the root causes and heal your gut issues, recover from burnout, and eliminate the overwhelm… without excessive exercise or restrictive diets.

Imagine if...

  • you were able to wakeup with abundant energy and endless focus to tackle your to-do list each and every day.
  • you were able to have fun and look forward to getting dressed in the cutest clothes for your shape.
  • you were able to think clearly about decisions and be completely in control of your emotions.
  • you were a master of your time, never felt overwhelmed, and wonder how you were ever an anxious person.
  • you were able to look in the mirror and see a vibrant, youthful soul that didn't need makeup to feel beautiful.
  • you have the energy and vitality to organize weekend trips with your friends, laughing and making memories, you are the life of the party.


  • you were able to eat at your favorite restaurants, order your favorite dish, and NOT experience painful bloating and embarrassing gas.
  • you were able to devote the love and attention to your husband whom you've been neglecting for years.
  • you knew how to eat for your killer wokouts and never felt depleted or run down in the evenings when you got home.
  • you were able to finally stop procrastinating and actually get shit done, be organized, and see REAL results.
  • you had on-demand guidance and coaching for whenever you feel 'stuck' in your healing journey - and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed again.

Want to make this your reality? Hormone Healing Blueprint is your roadmap to achieve all this, and more.

Women only

Welcome to the hormone healing blueprint

Your Roadmap To Achieving Better Energy, Body Image & Health

Hormone Healing Blueprint (HHB) is a 90-day, step-by-step coaching program that helps you achieve optimal health, without excessive exercise or restrictive diets.

Regardless of your past dieting experiences, level of support, or health & nutrition knowledge… HHB is here to give you the blueprint to fix your gut issues, recover from adrenal burnout, and eliminate your overwhelm. All without spending time on mind-numbing research or spending money on expensive supplements.

Furthermore… we’re here to turn health-conscious women into empowered leaders of their own lives.

When you join, you’ll be immersed into a supportive community of other clients who are here to grow, learn, love, and contribute. You start HHB as a CLIENT…. But you finish as FAMILY.

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (food sensitivities, optimal digestion, body awareness, sleep hygeine, essential supplements, macro- & micro-nutrient requirements, mind-body connection, ideal exercise routine, NEAT, hormone balance, stress management, and more) through our detailed 12-week program.

Each week, you’ll be given a new assignment to complete – and by the end of the 90 days, you’ll have an effortless nutrition and lifestyle plan that provides you unforgettable results.

And if you run into any questions or feel ‘stuck’, we’ve got you! Inside HHB, you will gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our private Facebook community, and one-on-one biweekly coaching calls to help you troubleshoot, gain clarity, and make progress in your health goals.

Hormone Healing Blueprint is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT & ACTION….

And that’s why we are the #1 Functional Health Coaching Program for Women, and produce unrivaled results in this industry. Scroll down to see for yourself….

Women only

What Our Clients Say

Women only

What Our Clients Say

Women only

Is This You? 🙋‍♀️

  • Do you struggle to get out of bed and crawl to the coffee machine every morning?
  • Are you fed up with your inability to wind down and fall asleep at night, leaving you feeling sluggish and exhausted?
  • Do you struggle with mood swings, irratability and lack of patience around your coworkers, kids, and family?
  • Do you struggle with uncomfortable bloat, gas and constipation on a regular basis? Or the inability to focus and get things done?
  • Do you struggle to see progress due to a sluggish metabolism?
  • Do you struggle to keep yourself accountable to your nutrition plan because of insatiable sugar cravings?
  • Feel like you've literally tried everything and nothing works for you? Or wonder why it's so much harder for you to lose weight than others?
  • Do you cringe when you get advice to love and appreciate the body you're in?
  • Are you clueless where to go next or how to achieve feeling normal?
  • Ready to commit yourself to a program that will bust you out of your energy-deproved rut so you can start living a life full of energy and vitality?

If the statements above describe YOU.... Hormonal Healing Blueprint is the perfect solution for you.

Women only

Student Spotlight

I was feeling extremely fatigued, depressed and unmotivated to the point where I was struggling to function. If I worked out, I had to take a nap immediately after or at some point in the afternoon or I couldn’t make it through the day. I convinced myself that my IUD was causing the problem so I had it removed (after 15 years on birth control). This shocked my body and tipped me over the edge – among a number of symptoms I gained 20lbs in roughly 6 weeks, struggled to keep food down and started experiencing insomnia and having panic attacks but no one could tell me what was wrong.

I was attracted to work with Stesha because her past seemed somewhat similar to mine so I was hoping she would have some insight about what I was dealing with or maybe even have dealt with some of the problems that I was facing. I was hoping she knew how to navigate through personal experience.

When I reached out to Stesha I had both a nutrition coach and a functional medicine practitioner and the things they were suggesting just seemed to make things worse. I was afraid I was just going to pay someone else to dig me deeper into a hole and then tell me they couldn’t help because she’d never seen my reaction before.

When I started noticing on our calls that she was concentrating on what I had going on outside of the gym, I knew that she really had my best interest in mind. At first I felt pretty defensive about it because in my mind I was “doing everything right” – I was convinced that my health issues were happening TO me, not because of me. She brought awareness to the way that I was living and more importantly, challenged some of the thoughts and beliefs surrounding the habits that contributed to my issues. She helped me learn to be accountable for my own health, to take control of my life and completely changed my mindset which is so much more than I could have ever imagined… honestly, I just wanted to lose weight.

The surprising thing I learned from Stesha was that many of the harmful behavioral patterns (that contributed to my health issues) were tied to the same negative emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs. Luckily she gave me the tools to work through these so I wasn’t self-sabotaging myself anymore!

When you are feeling awful it is tough to seek out help just to invalidate your symptoms and/or feelings. She helped me feel better when everyone else was telling me nothing was wrong. She did so by operating without an ego- she listened, worked alongside me rather than assuming she knew better and adjusted our approach when it wasn’t working. It felt like we worked as a collaborative team. Not only did I learn the skills I needed to be successful, I understood the why behind it making it much easier to sustain long term changes. Why wouldn’t you want to work with someone like that?

How Does It Work?

You fill out an extensive questionnaire that covers:

health concerns, sleep, stress management, mood, relationships, appetite, birth, infancy, previous lab test results, digesstion, herbs / supps / meds, medical history, trauma, hormonal issues, and more.


We dive deep into your symptoms and map out your health matrix (the same way Functional Medicine Doctors do). This allows me (and you) to uncover the web of connections and point towards potential root causes.

Some of the possible health issues include, but are not limimted to: hypothyroid, autoimmunity, toxic vurden, mood disorders, mold toxicity, pathogens, blood sugar dysregulation, SIBO, adrenal fatigue, PMS, hormonal imbalances, and more.


Record a 3-Day Food and Drink Diary to unveil typicial eating patterns, what's working and what's not.

You can tell we’re going to get super deep here and that’s just on day 1!


Next, you revieve a 20-page transformation blueprint detailing everything pertinent to your specific goals.

Essentially, it’s connecting the dots of where you are today and where you want to be. This is your personal blueprint for transformation.


We schedule a 60 min call to thoroughly discuss your blueprint...

and set up your own tracking document so that you have everything you need to begin your journey!

We will also discuss underlying root causes for what ails you and hold you back from transformation your health. This allows us to decipher your body’s unique needs and apply nutrition and  lifestyle practices that fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

From there, we will schedule bi-weekly phone checkins

to continue to set personal goals, attack them in a reasonable and doable manner and work towards sustainable, transformative change.
Along the way, we may reccomend and help decipher lab work if we need to take a deeper look into your body’s unique chemistry and possible imbalalnces.
You’ll also receive specific handouts and protocols that fit your needs and goals as we uncover what they are for you.
And finally, you get all my love and support throughout the entirely of our time together <3 Your healing is also my healing and I am committted to getting you results!
When you apply to the waitlist below, we will hop on a 30 min call to see if Hormone Healing Blueprint is right for you.
During this session, we’ll focus 100% on YOUyour health, your lifestyle, your challenges and determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

Women only

What's the process?

WEEK 1: Hormone Healing Blueprint

Learn how to maximize your time inside HHB and see results faster. In Week 1, we break down the entire process how to create a detailed vision for the future of your health, fitness and life goals. You’ll understand the steps necessary to succeed and gain laser focused clarity. You’ll learn about your Body Belief and rewrite the stories keeping you from achieving your best self. Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy – and even if you feel like your mindset is on fleek, you’ll be shocked at all your hidden mental programming that slows you down. We’ll reveal the root causes of your procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. This isn’t fluffy or woowoo, this is a scientific methodology that will show you how to re-wire your brain to think and ACT like the highest version of yourself.

WEEK 2: Clear & Calm Inflammation

In Week 2 you’ll learn our fool-proof system for eliminating inflammatory foods and how to rule our your specific food sensitivities sans expensive tests. Even if you’ve already eliminated your known food sensitivities, this process will teach you how to know your food reactions on an even deeper level. You’ll learn how to spot Franken-foods lurking in your cupboards and ditch them without second thought. We teach you what foods, herbs, and supplements support your immune system to provide you unparalleled mental clarity, flexy joints, and effortless fat loss. Finally, we’ll show you how to observe your specific reactions to products so you can make the judgement of whether or not it’s creating an immune response.

WEEK 3: Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating

Get ready to find food FREEDOM and TRUST your body. In Week 3, we’ll help you craft a food framework that you actually enjoy eating. We show you strategies to create chef-worthy meals in 3-5 minutes. You’ll have everything you need in order to shop, prepare, plan, and eat the way you’ve always dreamed of. Along with these strategies, we will work through a lot of mindset pieces that are holding you back. Finally, we will thoroughly discuss the importance of insulin, blood sugar, and fat burning so you can be confident that you are eating in a way that will give you immediate results. This week alone will change your life.

WEEK 4: Optimize Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

If you can’t fall asleep and stay asleep, not even the perfect diet can provide you with complete results. In Week 4, we’ll show you how to rekindle your relationship with sleep so that you actually look forward to bedding down at night. You’ll be armed with the knowledge of knowing your cortisol levels (without testing), optimizing your circadian rhythm (to work with your body and not against it), and trouble shooting restless nights and insomnia. You’ll walk away truly embracing the incredible benefits from sleep including: muscle recovery, cognition, immunity, and our favorite, fat burning. By the end of this week, you’ll have an irresistable bed-time routine, a playlist of guided meditations, and your first full night of sleep guaranteed.

WEEK 5: Ditch the Bloat

Week 5 is the backbone of this program. Nearly 80% of people in the US have complaints of digestion woes. 80%! After we remove and calm inflammation plus add in nutritious food in Weeks 1 and 2, the majority of your digestive pains may already be cleared. However if you’re still suffering with specific issues (which many do), this week is all about uncovering ‘what’s going on in there’ so we can get to the ROOT. IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, Candida, acid reflux, h. Pylori, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, etc are all commonalities that we will address with specific, actionable steps to get you results (when nothing else would). Get ready to transform your gut health from ‘meh’ to effortless and amazing.

WEEK 6: Make Stress Your Bitch

In all seriousness, stress is the NUMBER ONE cause of all of our issues here. It leads to digestive issues, period problems, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, and our general feeling of anxiety and overwhelm. In Week 6, we will uncover the physiological response of your stressors and identify the web of connections in each of these areas. We are a BIG proponent on understanding the WHY in order to make lasting change within ourselves, so be prepared to learn things never explained in high school biology class! Finally, we are going to break down your stress tendencies, hone in on your beliefs around stress & overwhelm, and create bio-individual strategies that turn your stress and overwhelm upside down. Be prepared for actually having time to relax, get centered, be creative, and watch as your zone of genius emerges.

WEEK 7: Ditch Environmental Toxins to Clearer Skin

This week is huge! We will dive deep into the toxins lurking in your home and every-day products. We will create education around toxic ingredients and their influence on your bio-individual physiology that will ultimately drive massive action. In Week 7, we will take inventory of your current body burden, map out endocrine disrupters in your home, and reduce your exposure 10-fold. Your body is incredible at detoxing and adapting to environmental stressors, meaning within 5 days, you can see drastic results in your focus, mood stability, and clarity of skin. All we need to do is understand how to support it in this process.

WEEK 8: Upregulate Liver Detox & Elimination

You’ve heard of a detox, right? Well ditch what you’ve heard because here we will show you what actually happens during detoxification. This week is all about showing our liver love and making sure our bowels are operating effectively (ooooh ya now we’re getting into the sexy part). Because here’s the deal, even if you have a bomb-ass liver, your body is still a toxic mess if you can’t poop them out. In Week 8 you’ll know what impairs liver detoxification and be empowered to eat the right foods, drink the right juices, and take the right herbs that will help to optimize detoxification and elimination. This is the ground work that sets us up for hormone balance and a symptom-free period in later modules. 

WEEK 9: Intuitive Exercise for Your Goals

Week 9 is so much fun because no one talks about this! For decades, we have been drilled to follow a specific exercise plan, 5 days a week, no variation, and if you miss a day, then you are weak with no willpower. This type of thinking leaves us burnt out, under-recovered, and dare I say, actually gaining weight even faster than before we started. My heart loves CrossFit, spin, and other high intensity classes, but the insanity of overdoing it will stop here. This week you’ll learn how to INTUITIVELY train. Whether lifting, heading outside for a run, hitting up a CF class, or just laying on your porch doing some yoga and deep breathing is best, you’ll know what to do. You’ll understand (and actually buy into) the minimum amount of lifting and aerobic training you need to achieve your specific goals. We go deep into the different recommendations for strength gain, fat loss, or badass performance (without sacrificing health). Not sure what goal you should shoot for or what kind of training modality is best for you? We got you covered.

WEEK 10: Get Grounded with Yoga, Meditation, & NEAT

By Week 10 of the program, you will be feeling like a million DOLLAS! Maybe you weren’t super open to giving yoga or meditation a try in the beginning. That’s ok, our stressed out, monkey brain ain’t-got-time to slow down and relax because there’s too much to do! But by Week 10, you’ll have so much energy and spare time to do the things you love, that the idea of slowing down even more is extremely alluring. There’s a reason why we don’t introduce this practice until later. The past 2 months have set the stage for receiving more balance, love, and gratitude in your life. By the end of this week, you’ll have a list of resources of your favorite yoga channels, a playlist of guided meditations (& hypnosis), plus a journal to keep on your nightstand (that you actually look forward to writing in!) Finally, we will devise a plan around NEAT (non-exercise activity), so that you have a daily walking goal that keeps you energized and active throughout your work day (say hello to effortless fat burning!)

WEEK 11: Balance Hormones & Troubleshoot Period Problems

Want to have balanced, painless, symptom-less periods that you actually look forward to getting each month? Of course you do! That’s why in Week 11, we will teach you how to have flawless periods in a matter of months. You’ll be blown away by the information we teach you on birth control, the rhythm of your hormones, natural fertility options (you can implement immediately), and how to sync your lifestyle with your cycle. We’ll show you how to navigate and get to the root cause of your period problems, where to seek further resources and testing if needed, and what herbs may be beneficial for you in the healing process. Finally, we’ll break the ice and explore the topics of sexuality, past trauma, and therapies available to improve the relationship with your body and your partner.

WEEK 12: Body Reawaken

You’ve made it! Body Reawakening is when you come back to life, where your healing process takes root and the transformation truly sets in. It’s where ALL your new tools become habits and your new belief about your body becomes YOU. This is the final stage of true transformation – the one where you never thought possible. We are in the business of helping women reconnect to their bodies and feel their absolute best so they can become empowering leaders in their own lives. We need more women like YOU dedicated to constant, ever-lasting growth and transformation. After completion of the 90 day Hormone Healing Blueprint, continued on-on-one coaching is available if next-level transformation is desired.


Who is Your mentor?

Hi I’m Stesha! I’m a lot like you – I’ve struggled to find balance with food, hormones, and training my entire life. Through high school and college I suffered from an eating disorder and exercise addiction which led to hypothyroidism and irregular periods – all in the name of fitting society’s mold of what it meant to be ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’.

Fast forward to when I found the empowering yet addicting sport of CrossFit – I was still obsessed with my body and the way it looked, but this time my focus was on getting strong and more proficient with this new sport. Long story short, I suffered again with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and PCOS – I felt like a hormonal dumpster fire.

And although I never wish these struggles upon anyone, overcoming them has given me the unique experience and insight to help you in your own battle against your inner demons.

My personal experience in overcoming mindset, hormonal, and behavior issues, along with my scientific background in Chemical and Biological Engineering gives me a unique perspective when coaching. Not only do I understand the principles of metabolism at a cellular level, but I show you how to take advantage of them through simple, yet effective daily actions. My own journey with nutrition has evolved into a passionate coaching career that I can’t wait to share it with you!

As a Functional Health Coach, who specializes in gut & hormone health, my job is to EDUCATE, GUIDE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER you along your journey to better HEALTH, vibrant ENERGY, and unbounding CONFIDENCE.

As your coach, I listen carefully to your unique story and provide a roadmap we follow together through the curves and bends of life. No judgement, no shame, just love, compassion, and all the fun.
You’ll learn about your unique physiology and how your childhood, trauma, genetics, and lifestyle have influenced your health to this day. Who doesn’t love connecting the dots and uncovering the root causes?!
You’ll become aware of your body’s signs and symptoms so you can take the wheel and drive your health to a better state. I’m all about emowering you to take ownership of your body and I’ll show you how!
Plus, you’ll discover limiting beliefs holding you back from taking the necessary steps to create change and achieve breakthroughs that will free you to live your best life. We’ll uncover those beliefs and rewrite them so that you’re unstoppable!
There is a plethora of information out there, but knowing what is right, what is wrong, and what works for best for YOU is what we’ll navigate together.

Women only

client love

“Stesha always helps me see the silver lining when I get lost in the process and so full of information that not only leads me in the right direction but educates me along the way”

“Stesha always helps me see the silver lining when I get lost in the process and so full of information that not only leads me in the right direction but educates me along the way”

“Stesha always helps me see the silver lining when I get lost in the process and so full of information that not only leads me in the right direction but educates me along the way”

Women only