personalized coaching

Better Body

Do you find it difficult to lose fat amongst your busy schedule?
Do you struggle to see progress due to a sluggish metabolism?
Wonder why it seems like it's so much harder for you to lose weight than others?
Do you struggle to keep yourself accountable to your nutrition plan? Or experience unsatiable sugar cravings?
Uncertain what training regimen is right for you and your goals?
Feel like you've tried everything and nothing works for you?
No idea where to go next or how to achieve your goals? 
Need help building sustainable habits that make your health a priority?



Better Health

Do you struggle each month with physical and emotional PMS symptoms?
Do you experience irregular or non-existant periods? Or wanting to transition off hormonal birth control?
Are you fed up with your persistent acne, dull complexion and dry hair?
Do you feel sluggish, exhausted, and have aching muscles? Or have issues falling and staying asleep?
Do you struggle with uncomfortable bloat, gas, and constipation? Or the inability to focus and think clearly at work?
Ready to reconnect with your body's natural rhythms and improve body literacy?
Want to love and appreciate the body you're in?

Is coaching right for me?


“Stesha always makes me see the silver lining when I get lost in the process, the first one to point out a milestone or accomplishment when I am not giving myself enough credit, and so full of information that not only leads me in the right direction but educates me along the way.”


“Stesha is a great coach. Her responsiveness and guidance made the program totally worth it. I love that should could explain everything without making it over-complicated. She really know her shit and helps you find success on your own terms.”


“Stesha has kept the faith in me more times than I can even count especially when I’ve had awful weeks and afraid to check in with her out of embarrassment and like I failed her—but the first thing she’d say in our weekly updates was how awesome I was doing and crushing it.”


“My body’s feedback and the way I felt backed up exactly what Stesha had told me! It felt good to be able to ask a question and get an honest answer back. I am proud of where she has taken me!”


“Thank you for all your help and keeping me accountable and helping me get back to me! My mindset towards food is 10,000 times stronger and my cravings are not existent. This freedom from poor body image is priceless!”


“If you want to see results and get serious about weight loss and fitness, hire a Stesha as a nutrition coach. It ALL starts with food. If you’re eating too much, or not the right kind of food, you’re not going to see the results you want. Stesha helps you find your happy place.”